Mobility is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace. No longer does a work environment consist of a fixed desk; a modern office may include an airport lounge, a car, home office or a customer site. Many businesses find themselves struggling to adapt their business processes to this new, on-the-go lifestyle. Salesmen may bring binders of folders with them, an inconvenient and heavy solution, or may rely on emails with attached documents which risks loss of data, security breaches, and creates numerous document versions which can be a hassle to sort out.


By adopting an information management system, employees can access all their information whenever they need it, without compromising security.


Have you ever wondered, “I wonder if my customer mailed the signed contracts back while I was traveling?”, “Did another colleague receive the correct paperwork?”. With Therefore™, all important information is kept in one location and can be accessed in complete security from a mobile phone or tablet, a web browser, or even taken offline and synchronized once reconnected to the server.


Find and view documents

Take pictures and save directly to Therefore™ using the mobile app

Process workflow tasks

Update index data

Save information from 3rd party software to Therefore™

Supported on Android, iOS, and Windows devices

No extra cost! Download for free!

Together, these features help ensure that documents stored in Therefore™ are easily accessible and can easily work with your business processes.

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